Born and raised in the Bay Area, I was absorbed with art since I first drew all over my mom’s walls with crayon. In high school, I was the girl with all the comic books and the sketchpad. During my time at the Academy of Art University, I was finishing my general education when
I came across a special makeup effects course. I took the class with the best teacher,
Gretchen Davis (co-author, The Makeup Artist Handbook), and never looked back since.
I’ve been doing makeup for 8 years. From the moment I first picked up a brush until
the moment I wrote this, I get so excited for the chance to transform people. My curiosity is
what drives me. I like to know how things taste, feel, smell, how they’re shaped and why.
I like to explore and makeup gives me so many great opportunities to transform.

That’s why I enjoy working with my clients’ needs and their vision.

Sometimes this means delivering a specific concept with speed and flexibility. You have
your own client to answer to and you need high quality and the best of every resource available, but used with thoughtful precision.

If your priority is budget, I show you the best options at several levels and we decide which makeups are priorities and which work out well with lower budget options. Your passion project is truly a labor of love, and you need someone who understands where to stretch the dollar and where to spend it so the makeup can really tell a story.

I’m also available for meetings at my shop in Oakland. You can come see products, have full access to my references as we design your project, and see past and in-progress work. It’s a creative space that fuels the conversation. Here, I have set aside space for a makeup studio, meetings, and lab work. And yes, that's a real human rib and the shark on my desk is real…

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